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Reward (Compensation & Benefits) - Human Capital Basics

Reward (Compensation & Benefits)

Based on a company specific Reward (C&B) Philosophy, all supporting Compensation & Benefit programs should motivate your workforce to achieve key business objectives and should be at such level that you can attract and retain your key personnel.

We have pragmatic experience in design, implementation and plan management & administration of related policies, programs, procedures, processes and supporting (infra)structure:

  • Reward (C&B) Philosophy
  • Policy & Program (design and implementation)
  • Plan Management & Administration
  • Performance Management & Retention
  • Salary Structures, Job Matching and Benchmarking
  • Risk Management, Governance & Compliance
  • Budget Management & Cost Control
  • International Mobility
  • Vendor Management & Economy of Scale
  • Development (Innovation) of the C&B / HR Services function
Human Capital Basics will partner with you to develop or maintain a reward and recognition philosophy or framework and subsequent C&B / Reward programs that balance the views of shareholders, senior management, employees and other stakeholders, whilst ensuring impact on the bottom line.

If you want us to provide more information about these services, please contact us directly.