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Multi-national Payroll - Human Capital Basics

Multi-national Payroll

Managing a multi-national payroll is complex. It requires complete, compliant, accurate and timely transactions regarding payroll processes across multiple countries and subsequent management reporting and controls.

Your organization must be ready to satisfy all requirements regarding e.g. compliance, (financial) risk mitigation, governance, SOX and “In Control” statements. For efficiency and lean operations, it requires increased standardization and transparency in you payroll administration process, costs and reporting across geographies.

Is your team ready for standardization? Is your team ready to leverage economies of scale in an environment of multiple payroll vendors and HR administration solutions?

Can your organization absorb a project to implement a outsourced multi-national payroll solution? Clearly multi-national payroll (vendor) management is not to be forgotten.

Human Capital Basics will assist HR organizations with a pragmatic and hands on approach to manage this part of the HR remit.

Track record
Human Capital Basics has performed such services succesfully for clients, such as: TP Vision (global), Applied Materials (Europe) and Atradius (global).

If you want us to provide more information about these services, please contact us directly.